Friday, June 21, 2013

Official Handbook Nippi Fly 125, 4T

Thanks to Dean scanning his manual, you can now download as a PDF file, the official handbook for the Nippi Fly 125, 4T.

You should note that this manual is specific to the Fly 125 4T, so while some things like the instructions covering switch-gear and some of the suspension adjustments  may be good as a guide, if you have a different engine - or indeed and older Typhoon it can be only a guide.  Don't blame us if you mess it up!

The PDF is about 9.5MB so be prepared for that (and a bit of a wait).  Thank you.

Download here.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Trippi Owners' Manual

Following on from a request, this is the FAQ's page after all, the guys on the Facebook group have found these PDFs ...

So we have a user manual for the Trike and service manual for a two wheeled PGO T-Rex 125 / 150cc.

Read this first please!

Before you Download the files there some things you need to know ...

The Trippi is not really a Trippi.  What? Yep!  The Trippi is actually a re-badged PGO T-Rex Trike (sometimes also referred to as a TR3) which is built in Taiwan and is available in some European countries straight off the shelf.  The two wheeled version is on sale in both Europe and the UK and rather confusingly is also know as the PGO T-Rex, but without the trike bit on the end.

Why is this important to know? Parts!

If you go to your local scooter dealer and say "Trippi", they'll probably look at you blankly and doubt your sanity if you persist! ... But say PGO T-Rex and they'll probably either have the part, or know where to get it.

Download the PDF's.

Trippi User Manual

PGO T-Rex 125 & 150cc Service Manual

Just a final mention, despite these being official manuals the translation is a little bit strange.  for example ...

"Be careful when passing the car which is parking. The driver may open the door and get off but ignore your coming."

"Please wear safety pant, gloves, helmet and fresh color jacket when riding."