Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Piaggio Fly Manual ... Lacking a Wheel!

Thanks to Dean, we can now make available to you to download a workshop Manual for the Piaggio Fly 125 - 150.

 Update Plus.... 08/09/15 ...
We now have the 2 Stroke version for the 50 & 80cc!

Unfortunately this is not the actual manual for the Nippi that is based on the Fly, but its the closest we have got to date.

Obviously perhaps, there are some differences, most notably the lack of a third wheel, some of the fuses have moved - and of course there's no mention of a wheelchair!  But despite all that, for the most part the principles and much of the actual mechanicals are the same.

To emphasise, this is the workshop manual (not just simply the owners' manual) and is ideal if you plan to do more than just change the oil and brush up a spark plug. So you had better be familiar with one of these ...

.... If you aren't, please proceed with caution!

You can see the pdf by clicking the required link below, or right click for the save options.  please be aware these are big files so be patient please.

Download PDF here! (4t) Version

Download PDF here! (2t) Version.


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